Charlotte Can Do! is a local nonprofit think tank, whose primary purpose is to “incubate remarkable ideas.” Using a framework of the Seven Elements of Healthy Communities, the group considers a different element each month.  The elements include economy, the arts, education, health and wellness, neighborhoods and communities, basic needs, and environment.

Can Do! meets monthly and invites interested community members to its first session for 2019 on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 7 a.m. The meeting will feature a conversation with Home Builders Association CEO Bob Filka and Owner of Mayberry Homes Bob Schroeder. The conversation will focus on how revitalization affects a community as well as what makes a community attractive for investors to develop. 

For this year’s programs, Chairman Yvonne Ridge wants to focus on the seven elements of a healthy community and encourages citizens to participate and find ways to help the community move forward to the “next level” of success.  Community participation and input is a priority for Can Do’s focus this year.

The January session with Mr. Filka and Mr. Schroeder will consider thought-provoking questions about how to harness the opportunities before us. Positive changes in communities sometimes await the transformation that comes from a different way of thinking about challenges and opportunities. How can we ask a different kind of question that helps us to see things from new perspectives? How does the way we lead change our community’s capacity and affect our community?

This session will be a great way to start your day and kick off the year with Can Do! All are welcome to this free and open session, which takes place at the Charlotte Community Library, located at 226 Bostwick Street.  A light breakfast and coffee will be provided.

Article submitted by Can Do!