Jeff Hayes has known for a long time just the type of drive his daughter, Taryn possessed. As a sophomore at Potterville High School Taryn participates as a member of the varsity volleyball and basketball teams, student council and several other extra-curricular clubs all while maintaining a 4.0 gpa.

As if that weren’t extraordinary enough, Tayrn was recently accepted as a member of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). The international organization recognizes top academic achievers from around the world. Its mission is to highlight the academic achievements of its members, encouraging them to apply their unique talents towards world betterment.

“She’s always been a driven young lady,” Jeff said. “But to be able to accomplish all that at her age, she’s very gifted.”

Excelling in the classroom is something Taryn has always strived for, she said. She said balancing schoolwork and the extra-curriculars can get tricky, but she allows herself plenty of breaks between her studies.

“I really like to work hard and to be challenged,” she said. “Being a 4.0 student can get tough at times, but as long as I keep working hard and have a lot of help from my teachers, it’s not bad.”

It was one of her teachers at Potterville High School that recognized her efforts and abilities that nominated her for the national distinction. Being a member of NSHSS means Taryn has access to scholarship opportunities, events highlighting higher educational and development opportunities, college fairs and conferences.

Taryn has already begun looking at colleges, touring the University of Michigan this past November. She plans to go into the medical field and has made plans to tour Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University over spring break. She said being an NSHSS member will allow her to explore all of her educational opportunities, though she plans to stay in Michigan to attend college.

“It really is such an honor, especially coming a very small school,” Hayes said. “People may not expect such successful people to come from Potterville, but I feel like I’m representing Potterville well and I’m very proud of that.”Taryn Hayes