By Deb Malewski

Keisha Howe has had a vision since she was very young of starting her own business — a clothing and accessories boutique. As a child, she loved fashion and all sorts of “girly” things. On Feb. 8, her vision became a reality. Reflections Boutique opened at 129 S. Cochran in downtown Charlotte.

The store features quality clothing at affordable prices, Howe said.

“We can help all ages and all price ranges,” she said.
Clothing runs from casual to casual-dressy and work clothes. The boutique carries jeans, dresses, tops, shoes, jewelry, hats, purses and more in a spacious gallery. Howe said she plans on expanding into workout wear in the near future. The shop’s ample dressing rooms come complete with a comfortable chair.
“Fashion has always been important to me,” she explained, as to what motivated her to start her own clothing store. “And I’ve been into feminine, girly things from birth.
I want to offer more than just a shopping experience. I want to become friends with my customers, like they are long-lost relatives, and get to know their fashion goals.”

She said she feels she can help every woman to find their own special and unique kind of beauty through fashion.
Howe attended Lansing Community College, where she studied business management. This is her first venture into the business world on her own, although her family has owned and operated Beacon Auto Sales in Charlotte for 65 years, and she worked there.
Howe has been very happy with the customer traffic she’s had thus far, even though she’s only been open a short time.

“I’ve been so lucky to have fantastic support from my family, friends and the community,” she said.
But her mother, Eldora Howe, says it’s more than that.

“Keisha is so put together all the time,” Eldora she said. “Just like her grandma.”

Eldora Howe helps occasionally in the store and helped to set it up. She also works as an ice cream cake decorator at Dairy Queen.
“My grandma, who’s no longer with us, and I were shopping buddies,” Keisha Howe explained. “She would have been so excited for me.”

A large photo of her grandmother is prominently displayed in the shop.
Keisha Howe is an active member of the Charlotte Rotary Club and was recently selected by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce as its 2019 Millennial of the Year, due to her involvement in the community.
Reflections Boutique is located at 129 S. Cochran in downtown Charlotte, right across the street from the Evelyn Bay coffee shop. Reflections is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays are open by appointment only. Call 517-997-7377 for more information.


Photo by Deb Malewski

Keisha Howe has long dreamed of opening a clothing boutique. That dream recently came true with the opening of her Reflections Boutique in downtown Charlotte.