Cindy Miller

“Hammer and Sleigh” – The rise of the Crimson North is a political, comedic fictional novel with cultured humor. Filled with elements of intrigue, the author, D.G. Martin was hard pressed to believe Santa is a communist. After all, when you look at the surface of it, a red-wearing, self-appointed overseer of organized labor, perhaps the jolly old Saint Nick does exhibit extremely wild behavior.
A 2000 graduate from Okemos High School, Martin went on to join the US Marine Corps. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the American Intercontinental and his master’s degree from the American Military University. His previous writings were college essays. But the idea for “Hammer and Sleigh” never left him.
It all began when Martin was joking with his brother, Chris. In 2009, with Christmas fast approaching and an election recently concluded, that the two brothers striked up a “what if” conversation. This planted the seeds, which blossomed into his first novel, with completion in 2020 – just ahead of the pandemic. Along the way Martin married and had children, who gladly helped supply some of the characters’ names, particularly the elves – the underground freedom fighters. However, the book is for mature readers with some non-sexual adult situations, gratuitous violence and jump scares. The completed novel was published by Page Publishing, Inc. and released on July 15, 2020 – the anniversary of Martin’s 2007 honorable discharge from the Marines.
In his novel, Martin follows the storyline of the infamous Santa of the North Pole, with his vast institution safely hidden from the world. It involves the epic battle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, the innocent benign versus the malignant dense commercialism.
For a look at determined resolve and how to confront morally disturbing situations, author Martin will be on hand with a limited number of books for purchase and signing. Readers are also welcomed to bring their already purchased copies to the book signing at Sidestreets Deli on May 1, 2021 from 2 to 4 p.m. Sidestreets Deli is located at 116 S Cochran Avenue, downtown Charlotte. Masks and safe social distance will be observed. For more information, contact Sidestreets Deli at 517-543-7243.