Amy Jo Parish
Contributing Writer

Finding the right groomer to trust a pet with is no easy task and Connie Friedley of Connie’s Professional Groomery takes the task seriously. For nearly 48 years, Friedley has been helping the hairiest of family members look their best. The key to the process, Friedley explained is making sure each pet and their families feel safe and well cared for during the entire process.
“All animals have special needs and you have to be able to read them in order to make them comfortable,” explained Friedley.
She gives each animal her undivided attention during appointments, streamlining the process and ensuring each pet is groomed with care and attention. Specializing in difficult jobs, Friedley tries to connect with each pet, working to make them feel safe and turning the grooming experience into a treat rather than a chore. Although the majority of her clients are canine, Friedley also grooms cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and the occasional hamster. Working with so many species, Friedley finds it hard to choose a favorite.
“I love all animals,” said Friedley. “I don’t really have a favorite.”
Clients might be surprised at the amount of physical and mental stamina needed to groom pets, especially when you have groomed thousands of pets through the years but Friedley loves her work and that shows in how she treats the families she serves.
Her dedication to her clients and their family members have helped her business thrive through the years, even after moving to a home based business after 30 years with Charlotte Veterinary Hospital. She is certain that success is due in large part to her clients.
“I have fabulous clientele,” said Freidley. “Everybody truly loves their animals and that’s important to me.”
Her work through the decades has inspired other area groomers, a few of whom she has mentored. Her journey into the groomery trade began during the summer when she was growing up in Detroit.
“My parents told me I needed to do something during the summer and so I began helping at a groomery,” said Friedley.
Riding her bike each day, Friedley learned the ins and out of the business and developed the skills needed to be a success for nearly 50 years.
Booking appointments each weekday and some weekends, based on availability, Connie’s Professional Pet Groomery at 2200 W. Bellevue Highway in Olivet is keeping area pets looking their best.