Ben Phlegar, chair of the newly established Charlotte High School Athletic Hall of Fame committee, has been encouraged by the excitement the announcement of the Hall of Fame has stirred in the Charlotte community. What he’d like to see now, though, is that excitement result in actual nominations.

“The nominations have been trickling in to this point,” Phlegar said. “We’d really like the community involved in taking ownership.”

Phlegar, a former Charlotte High School teacher and varsity baseball coach for a number of years, was instrumental in the creation of the Hall of Fame.

“Many schools in our area have had a hall of fame for a number of years,” he said. “There have been 144 graduating classes at CHS and sports activities have been conducted at the school for well over a hundred years. There is a huge pool of athletes, teams, coaches, administrators and community members whose time has come to be honored for their accomplishments at CHS.”

Phlegar said the committee is looking for nominations in one of four categories — athlete, team, coach or community member — from all eras of Charlotte High School’s athletic history. The forms are available at the Athletic Office at Charlotte High School or on line at

“It would be helpful to get as much information included with the nomination as possible,” Phlegar said. “The more information given, the better chance the committee will have to evaluate the nomination.”

Completed forms are due back to the CHS Athletic Office by March 15, 2018. The five-person committee will review the nominations and make their selections. Selected honorees must receive 4-of-5 votes (80 percent), or 3-of-4 votes (75 percent) in the event a member of the committee must abstain from voting on any one particular candidate. Phlegar said committee members will not be permitted to vote on any candidates that are relatives.

The Class of 2018 inductees will be announced at the CHS Athletic Boosters Annual Dinner and Raffle on Saturday, May 5. The induction ceremonies themselves will take place throughout the 2018-19 school year.

Phlegar said the committee is also looking for donations to help cover costs associated with the Hall of Fame. Any questions about the HOF, the process of selecting candidates or how to make donations may be directed to Dan Stafford, Athletic Director at Charlotte High School. Stafford may be reached at (517) 541-5160 or by email at staffod@