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Month: January 2015

Gen X, Gen Y take center stage at Jan. 28 Can Do! meeting

Is Charlotte making the best civic and business moves to attract and serve the region’s Gen X and Gen Y population?  This is the crux of Can Do!’s January General Meeting this coming Wednesday morning. The guest speaker will be Michael Stoskopf, CEO of Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan and a man with decades of relevant experience. Stoskopf will convey strategies in understanding, marketing to and serving the unique characteristics and behaviors that underlie both critical generations. His expertise on the matter is broad. Besides being CEO at HBA, he is administrator of that organization’s charitable and education foundation and Executive Director of HomeAid of Southeastern Michigan. Stoskopf formerly worked for Granger Construction, leading their strategic enterprise growth. Prior to that he was Vice President of Business Development for defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, where he also worked as financial systems analyst and program manager. Stoskopf also served as Systems Engineer for MITRE Corporation and began his professional career as an officer in the United States Air Force. Demographers carve up populations by what they witnessed—the culture within which a generation comes of age.  Following the Baby Boomers was Generation X, those born in the early 1960s to about 1980.  The next generation gets the title Generation Y, or more often in marketing these days, they are known as Millennials for coming of age after 2000. Each generation comes...

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Charlotte Public Schools take center stage at annual Chamber Awards Dinner

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has caught a strong case of Oriole Pride. It will be on full display Thursday, Jan. 29 at the Eaton Area Senior Center as the Chamber celebrates its annual awards dinner with Charlotte Public Schools serving as the official guest of honor. The school district was one of the main talking points of an economic summit that took place throughout the summer in 2014. Because of that, organizers of the annual Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner felt it was the perfect time to highlight all of the great things going on within the district. Charlotte Public Schools is not only home to some of the finest facilities in the area, the district is also home to an amazing accumulation of talent, both in its staff and students. Scheduled this year for Thursday, Jan. 29 at the Eaton Area Senior Center, the annual dinner comes at the perfect time to reenergize as one and share in the successes of our students, our teachers and our leaders. Don’t miss the opportunity to reconnect with faces you may not have seen in a while, or even better, take the opportunity to meet someone new. There are many success stories to share and networks to expand. Tickets for this year’s event include drinks and a dinner catered by Tirrell Farmstead Specialties. The fun begins at 6 p.m....

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Project Resource Connect emphasizing assistance for homeless veterans

On any given night, there are hundreds of homeless individuals, including children in Eaton County. In 2013 alone, Housing Services Mid Michigan served 415 homeless individuals, which may or may not include the 100-plus individuals served by SIREN/Eaton Shelter on any given night. Homelessness doesn’t have a face in Eaton County, as the problem isn’t always easily visible. That makes programs such as Project Resource Connect so important to the homeless throughout the county and the organizations designed to provide support. This year’s event, the sixth annual, will take place Tuesday, Jan. 27 at First Lutheran Church in Charlotte connecting the homeless or those at risk of being homeless with more than 25 support services within the county, including housing, employment, health and financial services. Project Resource Connect also provides service organizations with a point in time (PIT) count of the homeless in the area. Identifying different types of homeless individuals or families is important in making sure the right kinds of services are available. “Part of that dynamic is our veterans,” said Mel Burke, whose primary focus with Housing Services Mid Michigan is helping veterans. “Part of the process is letting the community know because they’re going to be the ones who probably have more influence in getting them here.” Identifying homeless veterans can be difficult for a number of reasons, Burke said. First, he said a lot...

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Olivet FFA program to unveil new barn January 27

April 8, 2014 is a date ingrained in the memory of Olivet High School teacher and FFA leader Doug Pennington. It’s the day his program was turned upside down when the FFA barn, located on the Olivet Community Schools campus, burned to the ground in a fire caused by one of the heat lamps. It’s also a day, however, that he began to learn the extent of the community’s generosity and how much the FFA program and its students mean to the community. Though he was out of town during spring break, Pennington immediately began looking for ways to...

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Charlotte City Council to take closer look at Armory purchase

Per the City Council’s request, Charlotte City Manager has provided members with more a more detailed analysis of the former Army National Guard Armory. Council voted 6-to-1 on Dec. 8 to enter into an agreement to purchase the property for $237,000. Part of that agreement, however, provided a 45-day window for the city to perform its due diligence, including having the property inspected for asbestos, before the purchase was finalized. Since, council members have requested more detailed information regarding the property. “Why not take this extra time to look at everything,” said councilmember Lloyd Conway, who made the request...

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