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Month: February 2015

Crosswalk Teen Center named Non-Profit of the Year by Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

The name captures the intent perfectly — Crosswalk Teen Center. Founder Rick Todd envisioned opening a facility that could safely bridge the gap between school and home for teens, a safe place for kids to “come, learn, be and do.” A crosswalk is intended to provide safe passage. So far Crosswalk Teen Center has done the same for a number of local teens. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has taken note, naming the center the Non-Profit of the Year at the Chamber’s annual awards dinner. Crosswalk Teen Center is the kind of place from which all communities could benefit....

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Beacon Sales & Service Honored with Presidents Award

It took years of hard work and treating people the right way to build Beacon Sales & Service into a successful business. Even a prolonged downturn in the auto industry could not undo all of the hard work put in by Eldon Howe and son Dave Howe. The two met challenges of the past few years head on, switching from a new dealership to quality pre-owned vehicles and continued its reputations as one of the best full-service departments in the area. Helping make the transition is the strong sense of family within the business and the importance the Howe...

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The Gavel receives regional Healthy Lifestyles Advancement Award

The Gavel Restaurant in Charlotte was recognized this past December for its efforts in creating a healthier community. The Gavel, which partnered with the Capital Area Health Alliance (CAHA), Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital and AL!VE to create a new AL!VE Inspired Healthy Menu, is the recipient of the 2014 Healthy Lifestyles and Choosing Health Advancement Award. “The Gavel Restaurant is honored to receive the Healthy Lifestyles Advancement Award,” said Nicci Hewitt-Weinert, owner along with her husband, Justin Weinert of The Gavel in downtown Charlotte. “We are proud to state we are part of the Choosing Health Restaurant Inititiave.” The Gavel was identified as a potential partner for the CAHA program by AL!VE executive director Patrick Sustrich. Sustrich said he had several conversations with Tom Hewitt, former owner The Gavel, over the years about ways the restaurant could partner with the hospital to create a healthy menu. “We were just never able to put it all together,” Sustrich said. “So when the grant became available, it was really a no brainer to reach out to The Gavel because of those previous conversations we had.” Justin and Nicci worked extensively with HGB nutrition specialist Deb Dillon, to create a menu that featured healthy selections for adults and children. “It was great to kick ideas around,” Justin said. “We took a lot of the things that we already had, so our...

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Senior projects help tie Charlotte High School closer to community

The Charlotte High School graduating class of 2015 can leave confident they have each made an impact — great or small — on their school and in their community. Through work with the high school’s School Improvement Team (SIT), principal Bill Barnes instituted a Senior Project program for all Charlotte High School seniors designed to make the school and community a better place. “It’s an opportunity for our seniors to leave having given something back to their community and their school,” Barnes said. Project ideas were generated by students, staff and community members and each senior had the opportunity to choose the project on which they wanted to work. Three days were scheduled throughout the school year for students to organize and complete one of 10 projects, including this past Monday, Jan 26. Six projects were selected with the intention of improving Charlotte High School, including painting wall murals; improving the intramural athletic program; cataloging all of the American flags and improving military recognition throughout the district; helping freshmen transition to the high school; identifying and promoting extracurricular activities and increasing Oriole pride throughout the school. Community improvement projects include, cleaning the Courthouse Square attic and cataloging Charlotte High School history; participating in the SIREN/Eaton Shelter volunteer program; building raised flowerbeds for Kiwanis Manor and picnic tables for Camp Frances; and holding mini public concerts. “It’s a cool way...

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Spirit of Gaedert’s generosity endures with annual celebration

In just two grant cycles, the Charlotte Generosity Fund has been able to bring together six local non-profits to help fund four programs for the betterment of the greater-Charlotte area. It is this kind of collaboration that John Gaedert had in mind when he lent his name to a local group of community leaders in an effort to further generosity in the area. The establishment of the John Gaedert Generosity Celebration in 2012 was instrumental in the formation of the Charlotte Generosity Fund, a fully endowed fund under the umbrella of the Eaton County Community Foundation and Capital Region...

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