Crosswalk ribbonThe name captures the intent perfectly — Crosswalk Teen Center. Founder Rick Todd envisioned opening a facility that could safely bridge the gap between school and home for teens, a safe place for kids to “come, learn, be and do.” A crosswalk is intended to provide safe passage.
So far Crosswalk Teen Center has done the same for a number of local teens. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has taken note, naming the center the Non-Profit of the Year at the Chamber’s annual awards dinner.
Crosswalk Teen Center is the kind of place from which all communities could benefit. Todd and his team of volunteers have created precisely the kind of organization needed in Charlotte — one that connects the entire community.
A 501c3 non-profit, Crosswalk Teen Center, was designed to provide educational opportunities that will compliment and enhance what is currently offered in public, private and homeschool settings. The center’s  mission is to provide free programs during after-school and unsupervised hours where teens can engage in beneficial, educational, and leisure-time activities in a safe environment.
“We need more kids succeeding and continuing on with their education,” Todd said in addressing a local group prior to opening the center. He added that our local schools are doing a good job of educating students, but are burdened by tremendous requirements from the state and federal level. He said the Crosswalk Teen Center is designed to compliment the education students are getting through our local public schools.
Since opening in early 2014, educational opportunities have been offered to a number of local students, in a wide variety of areas. The four focal points at Crosswalk, though, are educational opportunities, every day life skills, community connections and expressive art.
“There are some kids that come to play foosball and hang out with friends, but there’s a lot of kids that get involved in doing things,” Todd said. “We have a variety of kids participate, pertaining to what the programs are.”
Todd said CTC is about letting teens be teens, learn some things along the way and try to keep them as safe as possible.
Crosswalk Teen Center relies on the generosity of the community to be able to provide educational opportunities. Currently, a fundraising campaign has been established online at There you can make a donation to help keep educational opportunities available to local students.
For more information about Crosswalk Teen Center, call (248) 987-8336 or visit