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Month: July 2016

Carnival Eats returns to sample Joe’s Gizzard City’s latest creation

By now Joe Bristol has to feel pretty comfortable in front of a camera. The owner of Joe’s Gizzard City recently wrapped shooting for what will be his third appearance on cable television. Carnival Eats, a show featured on the Cooking Channel, stopped by the Eaton County Fair Tuesday, July 12 to sample Bristol’s newest creation, the Peanut Butter Not Dog, which Bristol describes as a deep-fried peanut butter, bacon-wrapped burger on a stick. “We try to get creative with what we have around the bar,” Bristol said of his latest creation, which was made in cooperation with Carnival...

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INSPIRE to be unveiled in AL!VE’s PRESERVE in September

There are moments that inspire each of us to take action and become better versions of ourselves. Moments we remember because they stimulated our senses; whether visually or through a touch or smell or from what we heard or tasted. AL!VE provides that for all ages: creating moments of wonder, heightening our senses, motivating us to reach for more. INSPIRE, a new sculpture being gifted to AL!VE from the Howser family, captures the spirit of those moments – new beginnings that lead us to transform and evolve and become better. The sculpture is being built this summer and will...

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County votes to move forward with $3.9 million purchase of Crandell Lake land

Amy Jo Kinyon After six years of disputes, appraisals and negotiations, the Eaton County Board of Commissioners voted Wednesday night to move forward with the acquisition of a 432-acre gravel pit located between Charlotte and Eaton Rapids along M-50. The land, referred to as Crandell Lake will be purchased at a cost of $3.9 million, using state grant funds for three-quarters of the price. The remaining money will come through a donation by property owner Randy Crandell. The land holds the county’s largest body of water – a 160-acre lake. Transforming the land into a park is the goal of the commissioners although Commissioner Kent Austin (R-Bellevue) questioned the costs associated with such a project and wanted further details on the project. He was the sole dissenting vote at Wednesday’s board of commissioners meeting and said his opposition stems from the lack of details for the project and the costs that could be associated with developing the land into a park. “We were misled by the board and the ways and means committee,” said Austin. “It’s going to take money immediately to get it up and running. I am not opposed to a lake and park, I just want to know how we’re going to fund it.” The land more than doubles the amount of park space in the county and Austin questions where the funds will come from...

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9-1-1 dispatcher uses Smart911 chat to text with child fearing for mother’s life

9-1-1 Dispatcher Kelley Antcliff from the Eaton County Central Dispatch Authority is being recognized for her outstanding efforts to aid a citizen in need using Smart911, the County’s enhanced 9- 1-1 service. Eaton County 9-1-1 Director April Heinze presented Antcliff with the SmartSave Award — a decoration created by Smart911 to honor 9-1-1 dispatchers for their dedication and excellence while responding to a citizen emergency. On May 30, 2016, Antcliff received a 9-1-1 call from a woman concerned for her daughter’s friend, Melanie (an alias name), whom admitted to the woman’s daughter via text that her mother was being...

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New owners build on strong reputation at Fay’s Willow Tree

Amy Jo Kinyon From the small coffee shop on Main Street in Olivet emanates a large smell. The scent of freshly baked breads, cookies and other treats entice passersby to stop in to Fay’s Willow Tree coffee shop. New owner, Amy Williams purchased the business and re-opened on July 1. Amy had spent the previous months working for the former owners and was ready to take over when the opportunity presented itself. “I can’t imagine passing on this opportunity,” said Amy. “Both of my girls work in here with me and we get to hang out and bake whatever...

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