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Month: August 2016

Eaton Theatre marquee receives initial stage of renovations

The funding for a full transformation is not yet in place, however, John and Sue McNeel knew they needed to get the ball rolling on a project to revitalize the Eaton Theatre marquee. This past week, contractors replaced the roof on the marquee canopy, an important first step in the project. “The drains that ran back into the building were not functioning anymore,” Sue said. “They had to tear it all off and give us more of a flat roof up there. It was supposed to be a one-day job, but it was pretty extensive and wound up taking...

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New coach takes to the field at Potterville High School

Amy Jo Kinyon For the past two years, the Potterville High School Football team has opened the season with a new coach at the helm. This year, Phillip Heim will step on to the field and into the role. A nuclear pharmacist by trade, he has spent the past decade in various coaching positions with schools in the Grand Rapids area and is thrilled to take on the leadership role of head coach at Potterville. Heim has a passion for the game and the influence it can have on a young man’s life. “It’s really the last place, besides...

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Smokin’ success – local joint to open soon

Amy Jo Kinyon The creative juices began flowing for Jason Strotheide more than a year ago when he began working on building the smoker that now resides next to the small building at 501 N. Cochran in Charlotte. If all proceeds according to plan, Jason and his wife Melissa will open The Whistlepig BBQ for business during Frontier Days, Sept. 8 through 11. Traveling by the location, Jason would dream of the possibilities contained in the small brick building and lot. “I thought it would be an awesome tiny little restaurant,” remarked Jason. “I have a lot ideas for...

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Vermontville, Bellevue lose true community pillar

Amy Jo Kinyon In each of our communities are pillars — those quiet sources of strength that can be depended upon at any time. These individuals are what make our towns unique. They truly care about those around them and work, often behind the scenes, to ensure success. Recently, our area lost one of those pillars with the passing of Karen Haigh. She exuded kindness and joy every time I encountered her and I will always remember her with fondness. For more than 40 years her family has produced tasty Maple Syrup and syrup products at their farm in...

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Windwalker Underground Gallery plans to celebrate a year of open mics

They’ve laughed, been amazed, been moved and been inspired. When they started, their only goal was to provide opportunity. They had no idea who would take them up on that chance. What organizers of the Open Mic Night at Windwalker Underground Gallery have found since that first night, one year ago, is success. “When we started, we didn’t really care if it got going or not,” said Brandon McCoy, local musician and host of the Friday Open Mic Nights at Windwalker. “We just wanted to provide something downtown every week.” It may have taken some time, and the occasional...

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