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Month: June 2019

Volunteers sought for Acres of Play

D’Lynn Smith’s approach to early childhood education has really caught on since she opened Acres of Play, a child-led, play-based preschool in her home three years ago. Acres of Play became so popular, Smith had to move the preschool from her home to a new location at 200 High Street last fall. Now with more than 50 children enrolled (18 in the preschool each day) , ranging from birth to 12 years (before and after school care), Smith has realized more hands on deck are needed to truly achieve the environment she set out to provide her students. There...

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Local chiropractic office transitions to Rolle & DeWitt Chiropractic Clinic

Charlotte native Adam DeWitt thought his career path was set. Knowing he wanted to be in healthcare, he felt nursing was the best way for him to achieve his goals … until he had a talk with Dr. Bob Rolle. “He told me chiropractic was something I could do and really enjoy,” DeWitt recalls. Rolle said giving that kind of career advice is not something he typically does, but said he saw something in DeWitt and knew his path could eventually lead him back to his practice in Charlotte.  “I always wanted to help people,” DeWitt said. “I realized, though, that I’m way too squeamish to be a nurse.” An athlete most of his life, he said he’s always had a strong understanding of how the body works, and felt helping people while utilizing that passion for physiology and anatomy was the right choice. After some research, he found he could do all of that through chiropractic. He finished his pre-chiropractic degree at Lake Michigan College and set off for Parker University in Texas to earn his doctor of chiropractic degree at Parker University. Having completed his degree this spring, DeWitt joined Rolle Chiropractic Clinic in May and has since been preparing to take over the practice when Rolle retires in late September. He said he’s learned a lot about how Rolle adjusts his patients, wanting to ensure patients...

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CPS Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2019 announced

Charlotte Public Schools’ Athletic Hall of Fame Committee announced the Class of 2019 honorees on Saturday, May 4, at the annual Charlotte Athletic Boosters Reverse Raffle. There will be an official ceremony on the weekend of Sept. 27, at Charlotte High School. The CPS Athletic Department asked for nominations from the community in one of four categories: community member/volunteers, coaches/administrators, student athletes, and teams.    Honorees for the CPS Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2019 include: Community Member Eldred Toutant: Class of 1939, Athlete, Past administrator at Charlotte Public Schools Coaches   Paul Davis: Football Coach Student Athletes   Joe Pray Sr., Class of ’45; Benjamin “Lee” Hall, Class of ’57; David Green, Class of ’67; Dave Barrus, Class of ’68; Tim Mohre, Class of ’72; Rocco Moore, Class of ’73; Todd Wertz, Class of ’88; Kristie Brooks, Class of ’94; Joe Taylor, Class of ’95; Amy Corrigan, Class of ’00; and Kyle Haskel, Class of ’04. Teams 1946 Boys Track and Field State Champions, Coached By: Mac Gobel 2011 Girls Bowling State Champions, Coached By: Clark “Woody” Smith and Dave Jackson The nominees that did not make it into the Class of 2019, will be considered in future years.  We encourage people to begin making nominations for next year’s Class of 2020. When doing so, please send as much information as possible about your nominee.  The nomination...

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Oriole Youth Cheerleading meet and greet is Tuesday, June 25

The Charlotte High School varsity cheerleaders and coaching staff will host a meet and greet for anyone interested in participating in the Oriole Youth Cheerleading Program.   The Meet and Greet will take place on Tuesday, June 25 at the Charlotte High School football field at 7 p.m.   The sideline varsity cheer team and varsity coaches will talk and answer questions about the program.  There are two divisions of the Oriole Youth Cheerleading Program. The first is designed for kids in developmental kindergarten through third grade. These athletes will practice each Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Middle School cafetorium, beginning Aug. 7. On Sept. 12, the cheerleaders will cheer at the junior varsity football game at the high school. The cheerleaders will also cheer at a CJO eighth-grade football game in September.  Each athlete will receive a t-shirt, shorts and bow! The second division is designed for kids in grades fourth through eighth. Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning Aug. 6 for the fourth through sixth graders and July 30 for seventh and eighth graders at the Charlotte Middle School cafeteria. In addition to practices, the athletes will learn gymnastics on Mondays, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the middle school activity room beginning Aug. 12. The Cheerleaders will cheer at their respective Charlotte Junior Oriole (CJO) football games and each athlete...

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Potterville’s Savannah Christiansen interns with West Michigan Whitecaps

Ferris State University students gain valuable work experience through internships. Internships also can confirm or redirect career decision-making, provide marketability, develop people skills and enhance classroom learning. Many academic programs require one, but the experience is encouraged regardless to provide students with a better understanding of what will be expected of them in the workplace. Many students are participating in myriad internships this summer.  Meet Savannah Christiansen — a senior in Hospitality Management, from Potterville, focused on Food and Beverage, with a minor in Event Management.  Her Internship — Savannah is working with the hospitality staff of the West Michigan...

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