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Author: The County Journal

When dialysis isn’t a good option

Deb Malewski Contributing Writer Franklin South, 16, known by friends and family as “Frankie,” has had kidney disease his entire life. Born prematurely to a troubled mom with substance abuse issues, Frankie faced a very uncertain future. That future was made brighter in 2005 when Rob and Dawn South of Eaton Rapids adopted Frankie and his siblings, Leah, and Bennett (Bennie). All three children, though, require attention to varying special needs.  Frankie’s needs have increased as he’s gotten older, and now he is left with few choices to combat his failing kidney — dialysis or a kidney transplant. Complicating the matter, Frankie’s most serious issues involve his emotional dysfunction. He has difficulty dealing with the world, at home and at school. He attends Meadowview School in Charlotte to help him with his special needs. His emotional issues have resulted in dialysis being only a last resort option. He would have a very hard time emotionally handling dialysis, his parents feel, and it would add another layer of stress for the entire family due to the distance and time needed. This leaves a kidney transplant as the only viable solution; a half a million-dollar option, most of which would be covered by Medicaid, Michigan’s Special Healthcare Services, and Social Security. With stage 5-kidney disease and his remaining kidney function starting to decline, Frankie is high on the transplant list, but still...

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Cooper Rush and Gavin Miller inspire each other

Adam Droscha Contributing Writer It would be safe to assume that several thousand miles and an age difference of nearly 20 years would prevent two people from becoming good friends, let alone making regular trips across the distance to visit one another. Those factors, not to mention a professional athletic career and a battle with a complicated disease, have not stopped Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Charlotte native, Cooper Rush and Gavin Miller from developing a supportive and inspiring friendship. For three years, Cooper has been in Dallas, Texas as an up-and-coming quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys. But back in...

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Howe named 2019 Frontier Days Grand Marshal; Blocker is Junior Grand Marshal

Out of the many nominations submitted by community members this year, the Charlotte Frontier Days Board has selected Charlotte’s own David Howe to serve as the 2019 Frontier Days Grand Marshal. David has been a businessman in Charlotte for more than 40 years. You may have heard of his business, the very well known Beacon Sales and Service. As you enjoy driving down Lansing Road, and its manicured median, which David maintains, you may also notice the Eastside Pantry he created and keeps stocked to help those in need.  David has always had a soft spot for Charlotte’s youth...

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Getting to Know … Tanner Reynolds

Douglas M. Hoy Contributing Writer Remember back, way back, during those early years of grade school. Did you ever come in first, or second, in much of anything? Maybe you engaged in challenges during grade school spelling competitions, perhaps a foot race with fellow students, or of course, a race on your bike. Maybe you didn’t finish first or second. If you were anything like me, you ended up fifth or sixth most times.  Well, the Charlotte area is home to a young man who is currently sixth in the entire nation racing quads, and currently first in the...

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Car Cruise-In held Wednesdays in downtown Eaton Rapids

Deb Malewski Contributing Writer “It started on a dream and ended in reality,” said Eaton Rapids Car Cruise-In organizer William Hammond.  Back in 2014 Hammond and his friends decided that a cruise-in was what Eaton Rapids needed. It had been tried in nearby towns with no luck, so they were a little nervous about trying it here. Former Eaton Rapids City Manager Jon Stoppels offered some help from the City and it took off from there.  The event grew through word of mouth, Hammond said, along with photos of the event posted online. Locals saw the photos and told...

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