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Author: Travis Silvas

Courtship complete: HGB officially becomes Sparrow Eaton Hospital

The sun set on Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital Monday, Sept. 30, giving life to the sunrise of Sparrow Eaton Hospital as Tuesday, Oct. 1 marked the end of a three-year transition to become a member of the Sparrow Health System.  “HGB celebrates falling gracefully and willfully into Sparrow Eaton’s spring,” said Matt Rush, President of Sparrow Eaton. “Even as we change our name to Sparrow Eaton Hospital we’re not going to lose who we are in becoming all we can be. That’s who we’ve always been.” Hayes Green Beach entered into an official affiliation agreement with Sparrow three...

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Burkhead-Green-Kilgo Funeral Home donation boosts upcoming Fire Department Open House

The number of ways volunteer firefighters give back to their community in Charlotte is endless. It’s not only time that they so generously give performing often times dangerous duties, it’s sometimes money out of their own pockets to make some of the Charlotte Fire Department’s extracurricular programming come together. A prime example is the department’s Open House, which is held every two years in Charlotte. The volunteers organize, and pay for the event. Recognizing their sacrifice, Scott Kilgo, of Burkhead-Green-Kilgo Funeral Home in Charlotte wanted to make sure his business showed its support to our local “heroes.” Kilgo presented...

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Ongoing Urban/Rural Conversation culminates in Sept. 21 event in Charlotte

This summer has been one of discovery for artists throughout Mid-Michigan. Thanks to the efforts of Michigan Art Share, through a grant from Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Michigan State University Extension, Urban/Rural Conversations on arts and culture have taken place in Charlotte, Detroit, Owosso, and Jackson. The culmination of those discussions takes the form of a celebration Saturday, Sept. 21 at Windwalker Underground Gallery in downtown Charlotte. The focus of Michigan Art Share’s Urban/Rural Conversation series is to exchange art, music and creativity among some of Michigan’s urban and rural communities, said Diane Wilson,...

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Timepiece Park a showpiece for Charlotte’s revitalization

When Timepiece Park officially opens in a couple weeks, it will mark a significant point in downtown Charlotte’s revitalization efforts. For all its lightning rod qualities, its ability to spark passionate conversations about city funds, street conditions, and aesthetic appeal, the pocket park was the project that moved the community from talking and planning into action. It was the project in the community that galvanized a downtown business district, drawing private donations from many sources. It was the foresight displayed by a number of local entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity, and like all good entrepreneurs do, they capitalized on it.  Donations exceeded $30,000 — enough to purchase a blighted building, and community eyesore and gift it to the city. Donors believed a pocket park would signify the positive growth for which downtown Charlotte was yearning. Timepiece Park is what revitalization in Charlotte should look like — private citizens, business owners, and city officials working together on ways to reenergize our community. The plans may have taken longer to come together than expected, which is part of the reason the pocket park was such a hot topic. The bright yellow, and pastel spattered building stayed up longer than anyone really wanted. But, these kinds of projects take time … and money. The cost of the park has been a constant topic for local fodder. But, consider if you will, the actual...

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Veterans to honor Thomas Lewis during annual Vietnam Veterans gathering

Jerry Taylor is nothing if not thankful. Thankful for the friendships he made during his tour in Vietnam, thankful for the new friends he’s made with local veterans the past couple of years, and thankful for the services Thomas Lewis, veterans representative for Eaton County, has provided his fellow vets. Taylor, along with Vietnam Veterans gathering organizers, Dave Smith, Darrell Gingrich, and Fred Meyers will honor Lewis during this year’s event, planned for Saturday, Aug. 24 beginning at noon in Bennett Park in Charlotte. “We want to thank him for everything he’s done for veterans,” Taylor said.  Taylor, like...

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