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Author: Travis Silvas

Murrays ready to make Crusty’s Bagels a full-time gig

Chris and Lindsay Murray’s early March post on Facebook was supposed to be a fun experiment. The Charlotte couple wanted to see if people liked their homemade bagels as much as they did. Besides, Chris had been perfecting a few recipes when he started to make more than the family could eat. “We posted them at like 5 or 6 one night,” Chris recalls. “We had a couple orders before we went to bed.” The next morning, the orders kept coming in. “We had 27 orders before my first baking day,” Chris said. “And, that was without anyone even...

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CanDo! Storytellers’ event continues to showcase the magic of storytelling

Their stories were moving, humorous, insightful, and most of all, entertaining. In an age of technology, special effects, and mobile devices, the six storytellers that graced the stage at Windwalker Underground Gallery on Wednesday, July 25 proved how powerful a well-told story can be. Cruz Villarreal, Celine Smith, Ben Phlegar, Clayton Jones, Gregg Guetschow, and Dee Smith were there to take part in Charlotte Area Networking for Development and Opportunity’s (CanDo!) second annual Storytellers event. Created last year by then CanDo! chair Bill Barnes, the event takes place of CanDo!’s regular monthly morning meeting, allowing a different crowd of participants to get involved with the local organization. Villarreal, a Lansing-based writer, shared a moving story he had written about his mother’s passing. His powerful story shared his regrets as a son for not being able to help his mother’s failing health in her time of need. He shared the families struggles with poverty and how being poor only exacerbated his mother’s condition. Celine Smith, a refugee capacity builder for Samaritas, talked about her time in Nepal while serving in the Peace Corps. While there, she met a woman who would become her best friend in life despite a language and cultural barrier. She urged the audience to reach out to people who may be different and break down barriers that may live on the surface. “What is beautiful about...

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Eaton Area Senior Center Pavilion to honor Ed Yoder

Dot Yoder recalls fondly, her husband, Ed’s excitement as he helped cut lumber for the new Eaton Area Senior Center (EASC). A man always willing to give back to his community, Ed put years of teaching shop class to good use, being the “hands on the ground” as the facility was being reconstructed in the early 2000s. There from the beginning, Ed’s contributions to EASC were constant until his passing in 2016. He served on the EASC board of directors for more than 12 years, and was a member of the building and maintenance crew. Through the years, Ed did a little bit of everything to help the Center, according to executive director Cindy Miller. “He was an awesome supporter of the Center and the girls in the office,” Miller said. There were very few things Ed wasn’t willing to do for the people in his community. Even in retirement, Ed was often found in his Hummer, trailering a load of donations or remnants from a remodeling project. Serving his fellow community members was just something Ed always did. It was who he was. “He was always willing to serve,” said Ed’s daughter, Sally Edwards. “It’s the legacy he gave to our family.” As a way of commemorating a man who meant so much to the community, EASC has partnered with the Yoder family to create the Ed Yoder...

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New surgeon adds to patient first focus at HGB’s Eaton Regional Orthopedics

From a very early age Nicholas Doman knew the medical field was his calling. Growing up around his father’s family medical practice in Tecumseh, he was always drawn to the interactions his father had with his many patients. As he progressed along his educational journey, it was clear that patient-focused care was his passion, and would ultimately guide his decision in where he would set up his practice. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in anterior hip replacement, and reverse shoulder replacement, Dr. Doman’s skillset was highly sought. Ultimately, Dr. Doman felt Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital presented the greatest...

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Renovations underway on new Ameriprise Financial offices

Creating five new offices and developing 8,000 square feet of open space takes a lot of planning, and a lot of capital. With plans in place and the financing secured, Lorri and Fred Doolittle excitedly began the process of breathing new life into their property at 122 S. Cochran in downtown Charlotte on Monday, July 9. The finished product, which has a projected completion date in early October, will be the new home of Lorri’s two Ameriprise Financial offices. Lorri has been planning to consolidate the two offices and increasing efficiencies since taking ownership in 2015. Finding the right...

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