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Author: Travis Silvas

James and Diana Wietzke have kept the bloom on Roseacre Greenhouses for 50 years

James Wietzke remembers growing plants in his room as a child. Growing has always been in his blood. It’s one of the reasons he still puts in the long hours, seven-days-a-week after more than 50 years at Roseacre Greenhouses in Charlotte. The passion for growing is shared by his wife Diana, who is often working those same long hours at his side. Roseacre Greenhouses has been in the Wietzke family since 1914, with the past 50 years under the guidance and ownership of James and Diana. A lot has changed in 50 years, and yet, much has remained the...

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Windwalker musician sharing passion for music with local youth

There’s a reason Brandon McCoy’s sound is so unique — he’s a completely self-taught musician. McCoy, who is an accomplished guitar instrumentalist, didn’t even have a guitar to call his own until his 21st birthday. He spent the first seven of his musical journey playing any beater guitar he could find or borrow. Though he’s been able to find his own sound and hone his craft, he knows his path could have been easier if he had his own instrument and someone to guide him. So he’s offering both to local youth through a new program offered at Windwalker...

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Grand Grillin brings its signature flavor to Maple Brook Golf Course in Charlotte

Vicki Ueberroth has been making mouths water with her signature “Vicki’s Chicken” for the past seven years. Owner of Grand Grillin in East Lansing, she’s competed on The Food Network’s Food Court Wars, and has been the official caterer for ESPN’s coverage of Michigan State University Football for the past two years. Her most important clients, though, never paid her a dime for her chicken. In fact, they helped launch a career that continues to grow at an incredible pace. “I used to have an in-home daycare,” Ueberroth said. “I put together this special seasoning and made the chicken...

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HGB staff steps up to allow patient to be there for daughter’s wedding

David Brown entered Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital Friday, May 5 after experiencing what he thought were complications from a previous surgery. He said at the time he figured it was no big deal … the thought he could possibly miss his daughter’s wedding the following day never crossed his mind. “I thought ‘no problem, I’d be in and out,’” Brown, who has been battling health issues recently, said. His failing health, however, made it impossible for HGB staff to release him in time to make it to the ceremony. Fortunately, the quick-thinking staff at Hayes Green Beach Memorial...

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Captain’s Cabinetry reaffirms commitment to Charlotte with planned move

Captain’s Cabinetry had just celebrated 10 years of business in downtown Charlotte when owner Paul Wilson realized it was time to find a permanent home. Having leased its space since forming in 2006, Wilson knew it was time to own. The only question remaining was where. “I started attended city council meetings about a year and a half ago to get an idea of where this community was headed,” Wilson said. Knowing that a bulk of his business came from outside the Charlotte community, he and store manager Judy Wonch contemplated moving to neighboring communities. In the end, Captain’s...

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