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Author: Travis Silvas

Districts facing additional days in June due to mounting school closings

Maple Valley School district has already missed 10 days of instruction this school year due to inclement weather conditions. That means the district must find four days to add to the school calendar before students are let out for the summer. Superintendent Michelle Falcon said she hopes to have a plan to take to the board of education for its Monday, Feb. 10 meeting. “We do have a couple days we could pick up within the school year,” Falcon said. “We’ll likely have to add on to the end of the year.” School districts are required by the State of Michigan to provide 172 days of instruction. They are allowed six “Acts of God” days each year. Anything over that number has to be made up. Charlotte Public Schools has already planned its makeup days for the end of the school year, notifying parents this week that the last day of school will be a half-day on Tuesday, June 10. Charlotte Public Schools has missed nine days of instruction due to inclement weather. “We didn’t want to mess with mid-winter break and we certainly didn’t want to mess with spring break,” said Dr. Nancy Hipskind, superintendent of Charlotte Public Schools. “When you start talking about spring break, so many people make advanced reservations and plans, we don’t want to disrupt those.” Hipskind said she understands some families may make...

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Charlotte Chamber of Commerce recognizes excellence in the community

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce recognized one organization and two individuals with the 2013 Community Excellence Award. This award is given annually to an individual or organization that has demonstrated a strong commitment to making Charlotte a great place to live and work. Recipients of this year’s award include: the Tide Me Over Program, Fay Binowski, owner of Fay’s Evelyn Bay Coffee Shop and Dr. Dennis Craft, owner of Craft Chiropractic Creating Wellness Center. The winners were presented with their awards during the annual Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner on Thursday, Jan. 23. Tide Me Over The Tide Me Over program is a ministry offered through First Baptist Church in Charlotte, the program attempts to address the needs of hunger in children in the Charlotte Upper Elementary School (CUE) by providing a bag of food each week to the students to help tide them over throughout the weekend. In 2010-2011, 52 percent of students in fourth or fifth grade at the CUE qualified for the free or reduced lunch program. CUE principal, Kim Caudell welcomed the Tide Me Over Program because she knew these children were not able to get enough food at home over the weekend. Ron Munson and Mona Ellard were instrumental in getting the Tide Me Over Program established through First Baptist Church and up and running at the CUE. The program provided 2,231 bags...

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Chamber of Commerce President’s Award given to Doug and Nola Buck

Their involvement in the Charlotte community extends much farther than their downtown store, The Ski Loft. Doug and Nola Buck have made it a regular practice to be active in a number of local service organizations in the community as well as on board with many projects. For their efforts over the years, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce past president, Bryan Myrkle presented Doug and Nola with the 2013 Chamber of Commerce President’s Award during the annual Awards Dinner on Jan. 23. The President’s Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a businesses or individual that the Charlotte Chamber of...

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Ann Garvey honored with Essence of E Award

To say Ann Garvey was surprised to receive the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Essence of E Award would be a bit of an understatement. Heading into the annual Chamber Awards Dinner, Garvey was under the impression the award would not be given out this year. She was only under that impression because she has served on the selection committee for several years and was informed there were no viable candidates this year … until the announcement was made Thursday, Jan. 23. “I see (the committee members) get up and I’m thinking, ‘I’m off the committee?’” Garvey joked after...

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Power of generosity best demonstrated when many come together

There are many reasons to attend the 3rd Annual John Gaedert Generosity Celebration, Friday, Feb. 7. First and foremost, proceeds from the event benefit the Charlotte Generosity Fund, which was established as a result of the generosity shown at last year’s event. This fund was established to generate grant money that is available annually to non-profit organizations regardless of their size. The Charlotte Generosity Fund fulfills one of the visions Gaedert had for the event. “John was so committed to the concept of the Foundation and encouraged us all to pool our resources,” said Christi Dutcher, one of the event coordinators. “John’s hope was that everyone in our community would come to learn that a small gift, when combined with other small gifts, has the power to create enormous opportunity.” This year’s event, which gets underway at 7 p.m. at the Eaton Area Senior Center will continue to build upon the momentum created by the Charlotte Generosity Fund. This past summer, the fund provided two $1,000 grants to local non-profits — Helping Hands and a consortium of Olivet College students, Housing Services of Eaton County and the Eaton County Treasurer’s office. The grant to Helping Hands was the perfect example of how pooling resources can do incredible things. Helping Hands director, Phil Grimwood said the grant was used to establish a personal care items project within the non-profit. The...

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