By Curt Scott

Chairman – CanDo!

Celebrate Charlotte Committee


Celebrate Charlotte is this Father’s Day weekend. As the advertisement in this paper shows, there will be music, food, ridiculous fun, and lots of artistic genius downtown. It will be different this year because the committee that planned it is different. The Celebrate Charlotte Committee is indicative of the ever-expanding accord of individuals deeply committed to a thriving downtown Charlotte.

Garrett Bensinger, President of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, leads the Celebrate Charlotte Committee. Garrett is Vice President, Community Banking for Independent Bank, connected to LEAP and CanDo! Julie Kimmer is president of the CPS School Board, and represents Courthouse Square Association, the icon of Charlotte.

Bryan Myrkle is Community Development Director for the City of Charlotte. Bryan’s job is to improve things, clear hurdles, think outside the box. This year’s Celebrate Charlotte is outside the box. The city is also represented by the Honorable Carrie Burch, Mayor of Charlotte and adamant advocate for music and fun downtown.

Chamber Vice President, Jeana Rohrs, is also committed to gathering for fun. As Chamber Ambassador she is a gatherer.  Grace Boehmer is the Executive Director and public face of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.  She too is everywhere.

Bridging CanDo! and the Chamber of Commerce is Tim Reed – Vice Chair for CanDo!, Treasurer for Chamber. As Senior VP and financial consultant for Hilliard Lyons, Tim has a most immediate relationship to the financial prosperity of this community. In January Tim takes my place as Chairman of CanDo!, as I dig deeper into Experience Art and getting more music everywhere, so that good folks can gather and have fun.

Come to Celebrate Charlotte, June 12 through 15. Chillax, have fun, bounce, dance even. And look for the committee.  Our team will be wearing bright yellow shirts that say COMMITTEE on the back.  Let us know what you think; but by all means, enjoy the show.