You may not notice the the leaves on the trees starting to change colors or that some have even begun to fall to the ground. That’s only because your eyes will be transfixed by the sheer number of white tents, colorful crafts and people filling Courthouse Square for the annual Charlotte Frontier Days arts and crafts show.

The food wagons will be in place and the city will be all a buzz. The yearlong process of meetings, emails, mailings and phone calls is about to become a reality. Behind the scenes on the 1885 Courthouse Square lawn, the map layout will be laid, the tents and canopies will be set up, water, electric and picnic tables ready, thanks to my husband, Randy, son-in-law, Gary Reichert, cousin, Olivia Belger, nephew, AJ Luna, Julie Kimmer, Chris Garrison, Sally Starkweather and the Charlotte Department of Public Works crew.

Just as all of that work settles down, the arts & crafters make their way to Charlotte with their canopies and tables for the busy weekend. This year’s event will feature a wide assortment of Amish baked goods, wind chimes, leather goods, jewelry, maple syrup products, sweat shirts, t-shirts, oak furniture, wood crafts, crocheted/sewn items, ceramics, caricatures, photography, fudge, cement yard ornaments and metal art, to name a few.

With the help from the Charlotte Police Department for traffic control, Friday, Sept. 5 morning is the busiest time for crafters as they search for a close parking spot to unload their wares and set up shop. They have a wide variety of items to display. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for gift giving, Christmas shopping just got easier.

While you are shopping you won’t be able to help but notice the flavorful aromas from the concession wagons. So take the time to get a bite to eat and a refreshing drink, maybe even sneak in one of those elephant ears we just have to have. Our food vendors are always happy to help. For the littlest cowpoke, we will offer a diaper changing/nursing station courtesy of Bright Hope Bible Church of Potterville.

Check out the Charlotte Frontier Days Souvenir booth at the Courthouse also for all of your cowboy/cowgirl hats and t-shirts. The 1885 Courthouse is located on the corner of Cochran and Lawrence Avenues in the beautiful downtown district of Charlotte.

Show hours are noon to 7 p.m. on Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

New this year will be a no pets policy, put in place for the safety and well being of patrons and craft vendors.