Getting more than 100 band members, their instruments and any luggage to an event can be a logistical nightmare. It’s one Chris Burt, the logistical coordinator for the Charlotte Band Boosters, has had more than once.
Currently Burt and the Band Boosters are working on a remedy that would allow the entire Charlotte Public Schools band program to rest their heads a little easier at night. The Boosters are in the midst of an effort to raise $7,000 for the purchase of a trailer that will be able to haul all of the band’s instruments, luggage, and necessities to and from performances, camps and competitions with ease.
“Currently we have one trailer that can haul the equipment for one of our small ensemble bands,” Burt said. “We need something that can haul everything the band needs so there are no worries.”
The fund-raising effort began in February and has already collected more than $4,000. Burt said he plans to take everything raise by mid-June and order the new trailer, which he said can take up to six weeks to be delivered. By ordering the trailer in June, it should arrive in time for this year’s band camp in August.
“Oh, we’ll have it one way or another by band camp,” Burt said.
Individuals who donate at least $50 towards the trailer can have their name placed on the trailer in vinyl lettering. Sanborn Sign in Charlotte is doing all of the vinyl lettering and signage at cost for the Band Boosters. Having your name placed on the side of the trailer is reserved for individuals only. No business names will be included, Burt said.
“I know we may be missing out on some potential donations doing it this way,” Burt said. “We’re trying to keep it a grassroots effort with people coming together to get this done.”
The original idea was to raise the money with alumni donations, making it a true alumni trailer, but Burt said as more people heard about the effort they wanted to get involved regardless of their affiliation with the school or band program.
All donations towards the band trailer are tax-deductible. Donation forms can be found on Facebook by searching: Charlotte Oriole Marching Band Trailer Group.