Amy Jo Parish
Contributing Writer

Driving by the corner of Harris Street and Lansing Road in Charlotte gives spectators a whole new view. Demolition began a few weeks ago on a large portion of Sparrow Eaton Hospital and gave a view into the rooms from the street.
Linda Frederickson, Community Development Consultant for the hospital said the demolition is only slightly behind schedule, and the project should be completed early next spring.
Landscaping and the completion of a gateway tower is part of this final phase. She said the gateway will create a welcoming atmosphere for those entering town via Lansing Road.
“It’s kind of exciting as we have transitioned into Sparrow Eaton and now the campus is getting refreshed and tidied,” said Frederickson.
The demolition and building of the tower is part of the $9 million Project Promise that began in May of 2018.
A new surgery center and Heritage Hall Lobby were also part of Project Promise.
Frederickson said she is looking forward to the improvements the last phase of the project will add to the facility and is certain it will be a positive addition to the community.
“It will be a beautiful gateway coming in the community,” she said.