Isabelle Whiting
Contributing Writer

The Dance Studio from Charlotte will travel to Detroit to dance pre-game at the Detroit Pistons game on Jan. 11, at 7 p.m., for the third year in a row. This year, the theme of their dance is “music” with their costumes half black and half white to look like the keys on a piano. There are 16 total dancers ranging in age from 11 to 25.
Bella Trevino, a freshman dancer, has been with The Dance Studio for nine years and said she loves going on trips with other dancers.
“I have gone on at least six trips with the studio, including Disneyland, Cedar Point, Sugar Bowl and all three trips to Pistons games,” Bella said. “I enjoy going on trips because it makes me fall in love with dance all over again.
“It is also a good way to get new experiences and, in some cases, work with other teachers to get someone else’s perspective. The best part of trips is the people you do them with. You get a chance to get to know other dancers and get closer to the ones you already do know.”
Abigail Bauer, a sophomore dancer, started dancing at the studio this past fall and is going on her first trip with the studio.
“I like the dance studio because it’s a very nice and open environment that is a place to express who you are while being able to have fun,” Abigail said. “I’m not really sure what the best part of going on the trips are because I’ve not been on a trip with the Dance Studio yet, but I do think that one of the best parts is dancing with people my own age and being able to mess around with them and hang out with them before and after we perform.”
The dancers started rehearsing in early November to put the dance together. They spent an hour and a half to two hours every Sunday to learn and fix the dance. They even spent a whole rehearsal learning how to do their own black and white, music-themed makeup.