Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

Lawnmowing can be a chore some dread each summer, especially if you have a large yard. But Harrington’s Lawn and Power Equipment in Dimondale can make it a little easier by providing the best equipment and service for all your lawn care needs. Harrington’s has been in business for almost 30 years, starting out as a home-based business. In 2004 they moved to their current location at M-99 and Vermontville Highway.
Their well-trained staff will guide you through the process of purchasing a new mower or will provide you the service needed to get your current mower up and running. They also offer free delivery of your new lawn mower purchase.
Spring is a good time to inspect your mower and determine if it’s running its best or could benefit from a tune-up at Harrington’s, or maybe it needs to be replaced. The service department provides minor tune-ups and maintenance to major overhauls.
If you’re ready to purchase, Harrington’s has many mowers to choose from, with Bad Boys, Grasshopper, Gravely, and Husqvarna machines in stock to test drive.
“We sell more zero-turns than anything else,” Judy Harrington said. “They come in various sizes to fit any lawn. They carry mowers of a variety of sizes for both professional and home use.”
Why a zero-turn?
“They’re fun and they’re fast,” Harrington said. “I use one myself on my ten acres. It takes the pain out of mowing the lawn!”
With its quick turning time and the ability to zip across a lawn, a zero-turn can cut your mowing time in half, she explained.
“I don’t dread it,” she said. “They even have a deluxe seat that is very comfortable.”
Zero-turn mowers or lawn tractors can be huge time-savers for those who know there might be something they’d rather be doing than mowing their lawn on a beautiful summer day. A zero-turn mower will provide the speed and a wide deck to maintain any size of yard. Zero-turn mowers with dual-hydrostatic transmissions are controlled by two levers, which result in quick responsiveness and a tight turning radius.
The friendly and helpful customer service is why many customers return to Harrington’s. “We can tell you what size machine will work best on the size lawn you are mowing,” Harrington said.
This is a service you won’t always find at the big-box stores, she explained. The priority service after the sale is also a benefit that Harrington’s provides. They take the time to get to know their customers.
The customer is a top priority at Harrington’s, especially when it comes to service. Machines purchased at Harrington’s have priority in repair time slots over others, to best serve their repeat customers.
Bad Boys mowers are the best-selling mowers at Harrington’s, Harrington said.
“They are a bit less expensive but are still heavy duty. They are built like tanks,” she added. They allow you to “Mow with an Attitude,” according to the Bad Boy company.
They are currently featuring a special on Husqvarna zero-turn mowers, Harrington said. The machines have Yamaha engines and are reduced in price.
You can also find Husqvarna chain saws at Huntington’s, along with replacement chains in stock at a great price.
Stop in at Harrington’s Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. till noon. Call them at 517-646-8787 or find them on their website at or on Facebook.