Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

Lillian White, a 16-year-old junior at Eaton Rapids High School saw a need in the community and wants to remedy that need, one pair of socks at a time.
“One day, while talking with my dad, I told him I wanted to do something for the community. I had noticed at school that there are kids who don’t have socks or only have worn-out ones. I wanted to start collecting new socks and make sure they got to the kids who really need them.”
So, Lillian started Serendipitous Socks, an organization in its infancy that collects new socks for children, and the socks have started to pile up.
It’s something she’s always wanted to do, Lillian explained, but never really knew how to get something like this started. She hopes to have sock drives and sock distributions starting around Christmas. Fun socks, utility socks, short socks, and knee highs—all are needed. Her goal is to have at least two to three hundred socks to distribute by then.
Lillian chose Serendipity as her business name. She defines “serendipity” as an overwhelming sense of happiness, and that even the smallest things can bring happiness. And fresh, clean, new socks will bring kids more happiness, she believes.
“Socks are the single most-needed article of clothing in homeless shelters,” Jenny Powers wrote in an article found online. “Socks also can help defend the wearer from health problems,” she added.
“We all know how amazing it feels to have a fresh, brand new pair of socks to put on. Unfortunately, some families can’t afford even the simplest essentials,” said John White, Lillian’s dad.
“We’re so proud of her for taking this on,” White continued.
“Most 16-year-old kids are pretty self-absorbed, and only worry about themselves. Lillian is looking at the world through a bigger picture, and we couldn’t be prouder!”
Lillian plans on attending either the University of Michigan or University of Detroit Mercy and eventually become a dentist.
Eventually, she would like to expand the organization and receive and distribute other items, like health and beauty supplies.
To donate to Serendipitous Socks or for more information, contact Lillian at or through the Serendipitous Socks Facebook page. She hopes to place sock collection boxes around town to make it easier to donate.