Kelsey Klont
Contributing Writer

(Photo by Kelsey Klont/TCJ)

Eaton Rapids has their annual Winter Market started back up for 2024 and there you can find the debut for the new bakery business, Sugar Quills.

Sugar Quills is the bakery dream a long time in the making for 12-year-old Rowan of Eaton Rapids. Ever since he was the age of three, he could always be found in the kitchen wanting to help his mom, Mollie, or do his own experiments for his next recipe. From that young age he told me that his favorite things to do in the kitchen were chopping and mixing.
Sugar Quills first launched open for business on January 14, shortly before this year’s first market. There he brought cookies, pies, and cake pops.

Rowan was inspired to open his own bakery from the amazed reaction of chefs at Camp Lael in Lapeer, Michigan. There the Head Chef and Camp Director, Jim Davis, let Rowan make multiple meals for the three families who were there for that particular weekend, Rowan’s included. Rowan is the second oldest out of five siblings: Elijah, 15, the oldest; Rowan, 12; Nora, 9; Samuel, 7; and the youngest, Micah is age 4.

Rowan’s dad, Chad, can put together a recipe out of thin air; while Mollie likes to refer to a cookbook which intrigued Rowan’s interest in cooking that much more. From that he has multitudes of recipes memorized; everything from sauces, different doughs, crepes, and beyond. Rowan is still a big fan of experimenting in the kitchen, although with school and his other hobbies his time gets taken up. Rowan’s favorite hobbies include archery, musicals, and playing video games with his dad and brothers.

I asked Rowan about the bakery name, Sugar Quills, and he told me ‘sugar’ for the sweets that he bakes and ‘quills’ because he loves hedgehogs.

Mollie asked Blessed Baked Goods owner, Geneva, tips for beginning bakers who then got them in touch with the Winter Market of Eaton Rapids, where Rowan plans on attending all of them.

To order some delicious baked goods, place a custom order, and even see where he will be, follow Rowan and Sugar Quills on Facebook at Sugar Quills.