Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

“It’s amazing the amount of business you can do out of a granary,” said Gary Clarke, owner of the Bargain Shack on South Clinton Trail in Springport. “We’re having a record year here!”
The granary that houses the Bargain Shack, a small, barn-like building of undetermined age, contains a wide selection of gas and battery chain saws, trimmers, blowers, and all the parts needed to repair the same. In addition to sales, Clarke also services what he sells.
“We offer both quality and good service, which has created a real business boom because God has blessed us,” Clarke explained. “I get to know my customers and treat them good,” he added. “My claim to fame,” he added, “is that I don’t cheat people.”
It’s called Bargain Shack for a reason. Clarke’s prices for chain and blade sharpening are really a bargain just $2 for a chain and $3 for a blade, and it’s done while you wait. Customers, including commercial tree services, sometimes come from sixty or seventy miles away for chain saw sharpening, Clarke said, and they bring a bucket of chains, not just one.
Clarke carries a full line of parts for what he sells and will repair your machine or can provide the proper parts that the DIYer needs. “You can walk in and walk out with what you need, whether parts or a new product.”
The Bargain Shack also carries a full line of batteries for the tools you use. Or if your lawnmower needs a new blade, you will find the right one at this well stocked supply store.
“I’m never going to retire,” 78-year-old Clarke said. “When you read my obituary–then I retired!” However, he has an apprentice in training, 18-year-old Lydia. Lydia has been learning small engine repair with Clarke for about two years, and does a great job, he said. She often rebuilds and sharpens saws.
A local Google reviewer wrote: “Possibly the best place to purchase your weed whip, blower, or chainsaw. Honest, good prices he (Clarke) and stands behind the equipment he sells. You do not find that in many places anymore.” The Bargain Shack has a near-perfect (4.9) Google rating.
The Bargain Shack is located two miles east of the M99-M50 Junction, just ten miles south of Eaton Rapids, at 16652 South Clinton Road in Springport. They are open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. six days a week. Call 517-857-4015 for more information.