Deb Malewski

Contributing Writer

Pam and Chris Sturgill of Springport are the owners of the historic ‘Stimson Hospital,’ located just south of downtown Eaton Rapids. It has recently come to the attention of several paranormal investigation groups and will be featured in an upcoming reality TV show.

The Sturgills have owned the place for several years, and it currently contains two rented apartments. The couple are in the process of renovating the structure and hope to eventually turn it into a “haunted” bed and breakfast.

Also known as the Harriet Chapman Hospital, it was built as a home in 1877 by John Sweezey. It was converted and opened as a hospital in 1919 by nurse Harriet Chapman, Dr. Charles Stimson and Dr. Frances Blanchard.

Its paranormal reputation is directly related to the fact Blanchard fell to his death down the elevator shaft just a few months after the hospital opened. Blanchard’s death, along with the usual deaths that occur in hospitals, have contributed to the rumors of it being haunted.

The Sturgills are kept busy at the hospital hosting various paranormal groups who are looking for ghosts. Pam Sturgill said they will be featured on an upcoming reality TV show called Truth or Legend in Your Hometown.

She explained the show visits places claiming to be haunted and decides if it’s true or just a legend. Some places have turned down the opportunity, fearing their claims will be debunked. But the Sturgills aren’t worried, she said, as they’ve had too many odd experiences in the house for it not to be haunted. Pam said the show will be seen on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other platforms next year.

“We’ve learned a lot about this building from people who visit us,” Pam said. “We’ve run into a lot of people who worked here when it was a hospital and heard their stories.”

For more information, visit the Stimson Hospital Facebook page.